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NACCC recap
September 4, 2008, 4:07 pm
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Been on the internetless road to Boston since the awards ceremony that crowned Ottawa at the NACCC polo tourny.  The Paul Bunyans (Myself and fellow Minnesotans Tony and Jake as well as a couple subs) lost our first two games of the round robin on Saturday but won the next four, unknowingly setting ourselves up for a quick departure on Sunday.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot of NYC (Doug, Adam and Chombo) danced all over us and then a team from Colombia Missouri (I think) trampled the Bunyans.  Minneapolis’ scene only recently started up with a couple of experienced players helping the legions of new’uns.

I’ve got about 9 hours of footage from the weekend, including some very solid stuff of the finals and other big games.  If you would like the footage from games you/your team was in, please email me at gus@legitbikepolo.com with your name, team name, and a picture of yourself if possible (difficult to remember 100 people’s names in 2 days: faces are easy).  Martin from Vancouver has already contacted me, and I’ll get to requests as quick as I can.  I could make DVD’s and ship’em to you, youtube the footage and link you, etc, however is easiest.

I’m now in Boston and am hoping to make it to Los Marcos Madness next month.


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thirsty rockers from lexington kentucky beat you guys,

columbia was the game where you scored 4 jake scored 1

and your sick back to back score!

Comment by will grant

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