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slapdick recap
September 15, 2008, 11:29 pm
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Well, we were three games away from winning it.  Despite the fact that that all of those games were more/less unwinnable by our fairly good team.  We, The Best Rappers Alive (Jav, Cole and myself) won 5, lost 2, and tied 1 in the round robin part of the tourny (18 teams split into two brackets of 9, in which all the teams played eachother).  The top 4 teams of each bracket got paired up inversely against the other bracket’s teams for a quick single elimination run.

We lost 5-2 or something against Sergeant Chombo’s Lonely Heart Band (Chombo, Brendan and Shaun I think) to tie for 5-8th place.

I shot about 2 hours of footage, including most of the top 8 games.  It’ll be some time before that gets up, but on the brighter side of polo, I’m meeting with the Northeastern University TV crew tonight, and will hopefully soon have access to a mac g5 and finalcut pro.

Thanks to joyride1x1 (flickr) for the great b&w pictures.  I think it’s Sean? (Can’t quite tell from the flickr profile pic, but he loves the surly singlespeed mtb)


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Thanks for coming down, it was so nice to play with you guys. Results are posted on http://www.slapdickpolo.com. I don’t think joyride1x1 is Sean, I think he is a DC resident that wasn’t playing. I will try to find out exactly who he is though.

Once again, thank you, and I look forward to seeing your footage (except the Ali vs. Boston match that I taped, I think I missed most of the game anyway)

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