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Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Federation
November 4, 2008, 4:15 am
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Polo’d Sunday at the Pit in NYC for the 4th weekend out of my last 5.  Afterwards a bunch of us met up to discuss the imminent rise of the Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Federation, largely at the hands of Montana, a player currently residing in Philly.  It’s really in its infancy right now, but we agreed on some of the basic tasks it will hopefully accomplish in 2009.

It will establish an official North American tournament and World tournament separate from the NACCC’s and CMWC respectively.  The idea is to have these events run beautifully and independently from the messenger events they have thus far been tied to.  In order to make these possible, an official rulebook will likely be created to ensure fairness in the tournament.  Note: it’s for the tournament.  That’s it.  Nobody will force cities to adhere to these rules in their weekly pickup games.  Also, sponsorship relations will likely be forged for the tournaments and may create a sponsorship network to be tapped by cities throwing their own tournies.

Montana’s original proposal has been taken down on bikepolo.ca, though here’s a bit of a follow-up thread for those looking for more info.


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