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easymade scorecards
November 28, 2008, 9:52 pm
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Here in Boston we frequently lose track of the score of casual pickup games.  It’s not a big deal, especially since we rarely have a crowd of players waiting to get onto the court.  However, it’s quite frustrating when nobody knows the score of an important game in tournaments.

Simple solution.  Scorecards at center court by the tap-out spot or behind the goals of each team.  When a goal is scored, someone on the scoring team need only to flip the card on their way back to defense.


The ring shown is a leftover piece of ABS.  It is cut such that it can be opened and the score cards can be slipped on.  It can also be opened up and put onto the chainlink fence where we play.


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what is the ring made of…looks like extra mallet material? but then how do u attach the cards to the ring? here in mke we are usually to drunk to remember the score as well

Comment by capt. jake

You guys in MKE should just put rings of mallet material on one of the overhead pipes at the garage. That way you can keep track of your score like at a pool hall.

Comment by Lucky

what happened to your awesome handlebar score board? and i like your abacus score keeping idea

Comment by joeMKE

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