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gyroscopic bike wheel stabilizer
February 5, 2009, 10:34 pm
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I’ve been filming some polo on-bike while people play lately.  I think there’s huge potential for capturing some amazing footage, but it’s damned hard to hold a tiny camera still while biking with seriously un-true wheels and a less than smooth surface.  I attached the camera to a heavy length of pipe for the footage from my indoor polo video, but even then most of the footage was too shaky to use.

Went to Home Depot, dropped 5 bucks, and made this thing.  I intend to film like crazy in Pensacola if this thing gets past airport security.  I’m banking on people being willing to throw me a wheel to use.  The other challenge is obviously biking as a 7th person on the court without disrupting the other 6 that are trying to play the game.

Yes yes, the footage here is pretty awful and is quite shaky.  Somebody out there hasn’t played enough polo… and still has true wheels for me to stabilize with…

3/4″ diameter galvanized pipe, one end cap drilled to accept a bike axle, the other cap drilled for a 1/4″ bolt to attach to the camera mount.  Highly imperfect.

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