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N.O. Bike Polo
February 25, 2009, 11:05 pm
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New Orleans brought a healthy crew to the SESPI in Pensacola. I didn’t even know there was polo in New Orleans.  Just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention that the N.O. polo people play on top of an abandoned supermarket.       …!!!!  Ian (Richmond) spoke of  the street-fighter-esqueness of it, and how it’ll be the setting for one of the final levels of the bike polo video game.  I might have gotten that info entirely mangled… but whatever.  Bike polo video game would be absolute awesome.

If enough department stores go under in this financial SHUFFLE there may be parking lots opening up nationwide.

Photo found on flickr – by Squillis

Getting back to the subject of new polo cities popping up, an Arizona gang is apparently storming up the East Coast soon, tackling Philly, DC, New York, and ending up in Boston the ESPI’s.  Wait, there’s polo in AZ?


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gus your polo writing rocks. keep it up.

Comment by kev

Check out the newer photos. The entire back wall has been tagged.

Comment by Will

Hell ya there’s polo in AZ! I’m going to be on the trip and cannot wait 😀
P.S. I’m pretty sure were not going to DC, but everything else is accurate.

Comment by Justin

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