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Wack Handlebars
March 1, 2009, 9:12 pm
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Now on my third polo frame, these handlebars have been through it all.  They were the drops on the first bike I ever built and probably saw all kinds of exciting places before coming to their resting place in the basement graveyard of the Grease Pit in Minneapolis.  I chopped’em into bullhorns and finally chopped’em again to their current length when I converted that same bike into my first polo machine.  They were transplanted onto my recently departed purple Scott polo frame, and now reside on my Jamis.

Quick note on capping bar ends  – all of the plastic plugs (that come with bar tape) I’ve used shatter and fall out.  I have since switched to using bottle caps which just fit over the pipe and are easily taped when wrapping the bars.  Also there tends to be an abundance of bottle caps around the pologrounds…



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you should get some metal bmx caps maybe. Is that a nitto stem on a polo bike!!?

Comment by jeff

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