Legit Bike Polo

down low and up close
March 22, 2009, 9:13 pm
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Shot a couple games’ worth of footage today with the camera just about scraping the ground, all rigged up to a mallet.  Haven’t seen any polo footage quite like it before.  Expect to see a compilation thrown on youtube (and posted here) in the coming days.










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hey gus are you going to put together a comp of footage from the sespi? i really want to see your footage.

Comment by ryan

Gu5bu5- I had an idea for your camera the other day. You could mount one on those forearm crutch things, like the one that doc in ER used. It might be a little more stable than just a ski pole.

Comment by foambrew

heya that’s an interesting idea. I’ve been tinkering around with various ways to stabilize the mallet I’ve been strapping the camera to with decent success. Helps to be able to rip the camera off and hand the mallet over to a player in need though. Thenagain after a good ’nuff fall someone’ll probably need that forearm crutch.

Comment by vvilton

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