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Big Hole Removable Wheelcovers
April 14, 2009, 9:57 pm
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Making up a bunch of wheelcovers for the Boston crew due, experimentin’ with the design, and shamelessly throwing legit all over it.  I’ve been using a front wheelcover with a similar design to this one (except with smaller holes) since the NACCCs in Chicago last year, and I’ll be darned if it hasn’t saved me from untold inconvenience and hassle.  

Covers are attached with two mini bungee cords that you weave through the holes and then secure by puncturing the cover with the hook on each end.  Wheel stays on, covers fold up, and then you’ve got two bungees to strap your mallets to your top tube with.

Why???  Because it allows me to commute to and from bike polo without constantly fighting the wind.  Strong enough winds could render my front wheelcover equipped bike virtually unridable, and I’d much rather spend the 2 minutes at the court attaching a cover than struggle in the wind for 20 minutes each way.





See how I make these wheelcovers on the “HOW TO MAKE IT” page on your left.


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gus hooked me up with my wheelcovers and I think the bungie system works great.

i keep the rear cover on with zipties, and use the bungie for the front so i can take it on and off for riding.

wheelcovers front and back are the way to go imho.

Comment by Javier

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