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The Polo Inquisition
April 23, 2009, 10:33 pm
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Should you find yourself sitting on your polo bike awaiting the THREETWOONEGO call with this man staring you down from behind the cones across the court… well, good luck I say. Too bad luck won’t save you from the Spanish Fury of Javier.  This image was captured in a rare moment of glee that overcame him as he realized that he was destined to rip apart every single ESPI team that he and his cronies-in-chaos Jamie and Howl will face in the tournament. 


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Wear a mouth guard.

Comment by Ian RVA

you can tell i was drinking cause my ears were turning red…

and these profiles are kinda creeping me out, gus.

Comment by Javier

i’d be scared if i didn’t know that Javier is actually from NJ and could potentially team w/ me and Chombo (and Sean RVA) to form a totally killer ALL JERSEY surprise ESPI team. just think about it, Jav.

Comment by Paul

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