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April 30, 2009, 6:48 am
Filed under: ESPI 4 MAY 2-3

It appears that a lot of people have been missing the link to the ESPI map.  Sliiiiightly concerned ’cause it’s pasted all over the Schedule page – so if you haven’t looked that over yet please do!  The more familiar everyone is with how this tournament is to be run the more beautifully it’ll all go.





The map should start fully zoomed in on the main tournament court in Allston.  The second biggest point of interest is the second location on the list on the left, “Conway Park.”  This is the second tournament court.

All teams will be contacted Friday night, probably quite late (but not into the wee hours), and informed with where and when their team will be playing.  It is the team’s responsibility to show up at their assigned court on time so that we can get the show on the road!  If I don’t have any contact info for your team, pleaaaaase email me at gus@legitbikepolo.com with at least one of your phone numbers.

Ok ok ok ok, ’nuff whining.  Here’s Nick doing a wheelie with a finger in his nose.



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