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About LBP

Legit Bike Polo is a one person gig existing primarily to equip players with mallets and/or the knowledge to make’em.  This site exists to inform and entertain interested persons about all things hardcourt bike polo.

Gus’ Polo Resume

Started playing in Boston in September 2007
First Tournament – Los Marcos Mayhem in NYC oct2007
North Side Knockout – Boston
Helped get the MPLS polo scene going summer 2008 in Corcoran Park
North American Cycle Courier Championships – Polo Tournament – Chicago
Slapdick – DC
Los Marcos Madness – NYC
SESPI – Pensacola FL – Took 3rd place with teammates Javier and Kremin

CONTACT – gus@legitbikepolo.com

I am currently residing in Boston near the Museum of Fine Arts.  I bus up to New York occasionally, and will likely return to my hometown of Minneapolis during major school breaks.

James “Sassy” Norton encouraged me to come out and play bike polo during my first week in Boston as a freshmen at Northeastern University. He said bike polo is the most fun you’ll ever have on a bike.  A year later, I have yet to prove him wrong, and am confident that statement will indefinitely stand.

I am the sole proprietor of Legit Bike Polo which is a registered business in Boston, complete with a license to collect sales tax.  It is the first of many businesses which I intend to start in the years to come, and such it is a guinnea pig.  I created it in order to figure out how the business registration/licensing process works, to keep legitimate accounting records, to better understand businesses operating within a community, to manage an image, to build a website, to get criticized and heckled, etc.  None of my classes offer these lessons, and I’m eternally fascinated by the workings of business.

It was started with the intention to manufacture mallets and sell’em, being nothing more than a solution to a problem which I faced at one point.  Itching to practice outside of the weekly games, and without tools or supplies to build my own, I bought my first mallet from a friend for ten big ones.  In the time since, I’ve built dozens of mallets and have enjoyed toying with their design.  If you’ve got more money than time, I’ll make you a mallet, though I’d be just as happy to help you build your own.

I have no intention to profit in this venture, 1. because I feel that is strictly against the spirit of bike polo, 2. because LBP was created as an educational tool for myself to learn from and play with.  The revenue from sales (mallets and wheelcovers) goes first to cover materials costs, equipment expenses, website costs, and other expenses which were incurred soley to benefit LBP.  Any profit will be dedicated to improving the bike polo scene.

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