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I am not currently producing mallets or selling raw materials. If you would like some guidance building your own mallets, check out my videos on YouTube, embedded on the “How To Make It” page on your left.


The “legit-style” video shows how these mallets are made from start to finish.  All mallets are made to order and are highly customizable.


  • Pole Length
  • Head Length
  • Head Diameter – 2″ or 1.5″ ABS, 2″ Gas Pipe
  • Head Material – ABS (lightweight but wears quickly) or Yellow Gas Pipe (heavier but very durable)
  • Handle Material – handlebar tape (softer/more cushion) or hockey tape (more rigid)
  • Handle Color – Generally determined by the limited colors of tape I have in stock

My standard mallet is 40″ long with a 5″ yellow gas pipe head (2″ diameter).

Email me at gus@legitbikepolo.com if you are interested in buying.  Future mallet prices have not yet been determined, but will certainly not exceed $20.  Shipping tends to be around $7 for one or a couple mallets.  Paypal is the easiest way for me to receive payment.  I can generally make the mallets and have them shipped out within two days of a finalized order.




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i would like to purchase a mallet. i live in sacramento california. could you ship one to me? what would be the total price?

Comment by Dylan stewart

I would also like to buy a mallet, and have a few friends who would too. I live near Detroit, Michigan. How much would my total cost be? And what options do I have when paying.

Comment by Vince Malone

well, at 10$ a mallet, and 7$ shipping, that’d be 17$ for one mallet, 27$ for two, 37$ for three, 47$ for four, and, i’m just guessing, $506.74 for five.

Comment by captain obvious

hey im in birmingham alabama and trying to get bike polo started here… needless to say ski poles are hard to find in places with no snow especially in thrift stores so i was wondering if i could get some sent to me. What would be the pay method???

Comment by John

Hi there, I was wondering if you can ship to Greece and if so can you give me a quote on the cost. I’m interested in getting 8 mallets.

Comment by Yiannis Papyrakis

can ya quote shipping to the uk.?


Comment by mac

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Comment by top mistakes

Hi, i was wondering if you sell wheel covers for a 24times2.0 tire? the reason o small because i’m actually only 12 years old but Lancaster City Bike Polo lets me play with them!

Carter Standish

Comment by Carter Standish

Hey Carter – I’m not making or selling any wheel covers these days, but they’re easy to make. If you can’t find any plastic material, normal cardboard works great in dry weather. I’ve got a video on YouTube that shows how to make them. Good luck!


Comment by gustavHoiland

hey gus this is Oliver from Jax FL and i am trying to make mallets for my city and i was wondering how much it would be for 10 or 20 ski poles with no heads

Comment by Chris Oliver

Chris – my days of polo gear distribution are long over. Check out Fixcraft’s offerings, all of us here in Boston love their stuff and they do a great job. http://www.fixcraft.net/

Comment by gustavHoiland

Hey, was wondering if you shipped your bike polo mallets to the UK?

Thank You
Joe Gee

Comment by Joe

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